Shower in shower renovation system

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Enjoying your shower doesn't go hand in hand with annoyance about traces of wear and tear, rough spots, limescale corrosion or a colour you've been waiting for.

That's not necessary either. Thanks to the Shower in Shower renovation system, you will have a new shower within a day. The operation "from old to new" takes place without hacking or breaking tiles and walls!

During installation, the old drain and overflow are replaced. Inset showers are made of high quality acrylic. The addition of polyurethane foam between the old and the new shower provides an insulation layer.

The new shower feels comfortable and has a non-slip quality. Fast, tidy and relatively inexpensive: this is how Respo Group makes your bathroom a perfect place to rest.

Are you interested in the possibilities for your shower tray? Then ask for our bathroom renovations quickly and without obligation.

In the same line we also offer the bath in bath renovation system, the bath change renovation system or the shower change renovation system

With the shower in shower system a quick shower renovation is guaranteed. Renovating your shower becomes very easy with this renovation technique

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