Expert in all functional repairs

Functional repairs

At Respo Group, functional repairs are specifically focused on window and door fittings, as well as locks. Our expertise and targeted approach ensure that your windows and doors function optimally again, with attention to sustainable solutions and high-quality repairs.

We are experts in repairing burglary damage. With a limited investment, we supply you with the operation and appearance of new windows and doors.

Preventive maintenance also provides a financial and energetic advantage:

  • Lifespan extension of windows, doors and the hinges and locks
  • Making living comfort more sustainable: fewer draft and moisture complaints and better operation and protection of windows and doors
  • Optimal balance between insulation and ventilation and no unnecessary wear


Windows and doors that regularly receive maintenance last longer. In addition, the hinges and locks continue to work better, which ensures better insulation and ventilation. For example, periodic maintenance contributes to a good indoor climate, it prevents moisture and draft complaints and ensures that burglary prevention continues to work optimally.

We offer a one-stop shop for complete damage. This means that Respo Group works with glass breakage partners and sealing rubbers from your windows and doors to provide you with a total solution.

Respo Group does not perform functional repairs in the Netherlands.

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