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What we do

What we do

Respo Group has been a specialist in repairing both aesthetic and functional damage for more than 50 years.

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Save money

At Respo Group, we understand that damaged goods can be a concern, but it doesn't have to be a financial burden. We offer high-quality repair services, which can save you money compared to replacing precious items.

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Save time

Respo Group understands that time is precious, and we are here to make the recovery process seamless and time-saving. Our expert professionals offer efficient repair services for various items.

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Save annoyance

At Respo Group, we strive to make your recovery experience effortless and carefree. We realize that discomforts and malfunctions can be frustrating. Our dedicated recovery service is ready to solve your problems quickly and efficiently so you can focus on what really matters. Choose Respo Group and say goodbye to annoyances. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

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Save the environment

At Respo Group, we are committed to not only providing recovery solutions, but also minimizing our impact on the environment. Our slogan, 'xtend Life Before Circularity,' embodies our commitment to sustainability.

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Save breaking work

At Respo Group, we believe in recovery before replacement. In contrast to replacement, which often causes more damage, we offer a professional repair service without demolition or breaking work. Our approach not only minimizes the disturbance of your environment, but also protects against unforeseen consequential damage.

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Excellent service

Excellent service is central to Respo Group. Our dedicated professionals strive to provide you with top quality service anytime, anywhere. Whether repair work, maintenance or advice, we are ready to meet your needs. Trust Respo Group for a service experience that exceeds expectations. Your satisfaction is our mission.

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Repair of aesthetic and functional damage

Respo Group guarantees specialized procedures designed to repair various damage, such as notches, folds, scratches, dents, and more, in a high-quality manner in various hard materials.

Our repairs are done with craftsmanship and finesse, and thanks to our unique repair methods, we solve damage without compromising on quality.

Discover our specialized repair techniques for expert solutions for damage to hard materials. Rely on our expertise for repairs in and around the house, including window, door, counter top, sill, windowsill and tile repairs. We are at your service with qualitative solutions.

We also repair various sanitary facilities, such as bathtub, shower trays and more. Our renovations bring your bathroom back into top condition with systems such as bath in bath system, shower in shower system, bath change and shower change. Quality and expertise guaranteed.

At Respo Group we specialize in the proper maintenance and repair of your hinges and locks on windows and doors. Dragging doors, blocked windows or a scrolled stool are quickly a thing of the past due to our qualitative interventions.

To complete our wide range, we also offer a wide range of anti-slip solutions. We have experience in applying anti-slip to floors as well as other anti-slip applications. Discover our possibilities such as installing a Safety Floor, anti-slip in washrooms or applying anti-slip coatings.

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"Many thanks for the work. Your guy did an excellent job!"

Kamran Choudry

A good repair in just a few steps

A good repair in just a few steps

Are you dealing with a claim and are you looking for a good service for the necessary repairs? Contact Respo Group quickly and a quick and quality repair is guaranteed in a few steps!

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Customers like to do business with one company that meets all their repair needs. The vision of Respo Group is born out of this desire. Respo Group constantly invests in (new) techniques to expand its product range. 

The needs of the customer are always taken as a starting point. This has led to the successful 'one-stop shopping formula' that saves the customer time, money and organisational hassle. Count on our expertise for all your sanitary repairs, like repairing the bath and renovating the bath. But you can also come to us for window repairs and repairing windows including maintenance and repair of hinges and locksand floor repairs or countertop repairs. In addition, you are also at the right place to repair burglary damage. Also discover the benefits of our anti-slip options

Are you interested in strengthening our team? Then take a look at the vacancies for technical jobs at Respo Group. 

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