Frequently asked questions about repairs and renovations

For professional repairs and renovations in and around your home you can call on the experienced team of Respo Group. Respo Group offers solutions for various damage cases in and around the house. You can come to us for both sanitary repairs such as bathtub repairs, shower tray repairs, washbasin repairs and bathroom furniture repairs. But also for window repairs, door repairs, sill repairs and windowsill repairs. The list ends with countertop repairs, floor repairs, tile repairs and other repairs.

Our employees are passionate specialists who guarantee repairs and renovations that look as good as new. In order to deliver such impeccable results, we always take into account the materials used in the original, so that the repair work is virtually no longer visible. In all our repairs and renovations we always proceed with care and attention.

Would you like to renovate your bath, repair the glaze in your bath, repair a ceramic sink, renovate your bathtub with the bath in bath renovation system or repair your composite shower base, then you can call on us for all these bath renovations. But you can also call on us for various other repairs and renovations. Think of repairing windows and repairing doors like repairing aluminium, plastic (PVC)  and wooden doors. Also in case of damage to tiles such as a hairline crack in a tile or a hole in a ceramic tile, we repair the damage so that you won't see any more of it. So if you have damage in or to your house, please contact Respo Repair quickly so that our staff can look into the possibilities with you and discuss them with you.

Of course it is still better to prevent than to cure. And various damages, both around and in the house, such as sanitary damage, are caused by an accident such as skidding. That is why Respo Group is happy to help you avoid such unnecessary accidents and damages. So be sure to have a look at our anti-slip options, such as installing a Safety Floor or anti-slip in sanitary. Together we always provide the best solution for every problem.

Why buy new when you can repair it cheaper as new?