Falling, sliding and slipping. Every year, thousands of people make an ugly fall due to a surface that is too slippery and not provided with the necessary anti-slip. Anti-slip prevents slipping and slipping. So make sure that these annoying falls and all the associated nasty consequences do not occur again. Feel free to rely on the possibilities of Respo Repair to avoid this unnecessary suffering. 
Making different floors non-slip is important in a wide variety of locations and matters. Are you also convinced of the importance of making your floor, plumbing, stairs or other surface anti-slip? Then quickly contact Respo Repair to see the many anti-slip possibilities. Our extensive anti-slip solutions can prevent slipping. 
Respo Repair has the unique product Safety Floor with which existing smooth floors can be made non-slip. Ceramic floors or concrete floors are made anti-slip by means of etching. The installation of the Safety Floor has the added advantage that it hardly leads to visual changes. This can also offer a good solution for anti-slip in sanitary facilities and the surface is no longer slippery when wet. 

The bottoms of baths and showers are also often slippery. In this case, prevention is better than cure. In addition to placing an anti-slip mat in the bath, Respo Repair can also offer a suitable solution here with our special anti-slip coatings for sanitary facilities. We always offer the appropriate anti-slip options for both enamelled and plastic sanitary ware.

Placing anti-slip mats in various places offers the best solution. Anti-slip mats can be placed anywhere, but especially in halls and staircases they are often used. Please feel free to count on the expertise and experience of Respo Repair. But you can also come to us for the installation of anti-slip mats on stairs. Where anti-slip coatings can be placed anywhere, both indoors and outdoors.

So if you are interested in installing a Safety Floor, installing anti-slip in sanitary facilities, installing non-slip mats, installing anti-slip coatings or in other anti-slip possibilities, Respo Repair is the right place for you. The anti-slip possibilities at Respo Repair are truly endless. Together we are guaranteed to find the best anti-slip solution for you. 

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